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PVS Hospital – The family hospital  - a 250 bedded hospital with advanced tertiary care facilities, PVS Hospital – in the forefront of medical care in Malabar since 1974, Our motto - “care with compassion”.

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PVS Hospital
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Urology & Renal Transplantation  
PVS Since 1974

This department is run by a team of experienced and expert Urologists and has made its mark in the last few years as a leading urologic department. This department is very well equipped with sophisticated equipments and aims at providing advanced care at an affordable cost. Progressive outlook and constant upgradation keeps this department at the forefront of urology care in Malabar. The team Urology is backed by experienced support staff, who are well versed in urological care.

Specialty Clinics

  • Renal Transplantation Programme
  • Sexual Disfunction Clinic
  • Female Urology Clinic
  • Stone Clinic
  • Male Infertility Clinic

Equipments and Facilities

  • ESWL- breaking of urinary stones without surgery or anaesthesia
  • Urodynamic lab- to assess bladder function especially in people with voiding dysfunction and neurological diseases.
  • Trans rectal Ultrasound – for thorough evaluation of prostate cancer
  • Tape and mesh repair surgeries (TVT,TOT,PROLIFT,APOGEE,PERIGEE)- for minimally invasive treatment of Stress urinary incontinence prolapse of bladder and intestines
  • Urological laparoscopy – all advanced laparoscopic procedures are undertaken like Donor Nephrectomy, Pyelopasty, Nephrectomy, Nephroureterectomy, Orchiopexy, Uretero lithotomy, Cyst deroofing ,etc.
  • Uro oncology – All urological cancer are treated according to the latest treatment  guidelines
  • Reconstructive Urology – complicated reconstructive surgeries, for urological cancer or for congenital urological anomalies, are undertaken, like orthotopic neobladder, continent catheterisable pouches, augmentation cystoplasty, anti reflux surgery etc.
  • Pediatric Urology- Surgeries undertaken for pediatric problem like hypospadias, vesicoureteric reflux, posterior urethral valve, hydronephrosis etc. A full set of pediatric instruments are available for endoscopic management of pediatric diseases.
  • Andrology -  Noninvasive studies for erectile  dysfunction
  • Penile Doppler studies for blood flow assessment.
  • Penile Prosthesis implantation


        Dr. Sunil  Rahulan.  MBBS,MS,MCh (Uro), FEBU.

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